Most important recent professional activities

International and national governing committees:

  • 2015 – present – Member of the WCRP/CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel
  • 2012 – present – Member of CNRS «Franco-Siberien» Scientific Centre Committee
  • 2008 – 2014 – Member of the WCRP/GEWEX (WCRP Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment) Scientific Steering Group (responsibilities: GEWEX Radiation Panel, extreme climate and weather events)


  • 2012 – present – Associate Editor of the “International Journal of Water”
  • 2015 – present – Editorial Board Member of “Advances in Meteorology”
  • 2016 – present – Editorial Board Member of “Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, ser. Geography”

Organization of conferences and workshops:

  • 2014 Convener of two sessions “Climate extremes” and “Land precipitation and drought” at The 7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle, 2014, The Hague, The Netherlands 
  • 2011 Convener of special session “Understanding and characterizing climate extremes” at the WCRP Open Science Conference, 2011, Denver, Colorado, USA 
  • 2011 Co-convener of session “High-impact weather and extreme climate events” at the XXV IUGG General Assembly, 2011, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2010 Chair, Scientific Organizing Committee “WCRP-UNESCO Workshop on metrics and methodologies of estimation of extreme climate events”, UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France

Projects (most important recent and active support)

  • 2015-2019 – “ARCTIC-ERA (Arctic climate change and its impact on Environment, infrastructures and Resource Availability)”, Belmont Forum Fund (5 partners) (project coordinator and principal investigator)
  • 2016-2018 – “Atmospheric Circulation and Arctic Hydrological Cycle Changes: AC-AH”. ANR, (partner investigator)2015-2017 – “FRAGERUS-MRCM (Multi-Resolution Climate Modelling for improved representation of weather and climate extremes in Europe”, EU ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative (co-principal investigator).
  • 2014-2016 – “Physical mechanisms of sensitivity of hydrological extremes to climate change”. Russian Science Foundation (co-principal investigator)
  • 2013-2015 – “Mechanisms of the moisture advection in high latitudes in the present and future climate”. CNRS-UJF (principal investigator)
  • 2013-2015 – Mechanisms of the large-scale variability of extreme precipitation over the European continent from observational data and present climate modelling”. Russian Foundation for Basic Research (13-05-00930-а) (principal investigator)
  • 2012-2014 – “Arctic and Antarctic snow accumulation in the present and future climate”. Pole SMINGUE, UJF (principal investigator)
  • 2010 – Organization and planning of the WCRP-UNESCO Workshop on metrics and methodologies for estimation of extreme climate events. Granted by WCRP, UNESCO, Willis RE, NASA (principal investigator)
  • 2009-2011 – “Spatial and Temporal Scales and Mechanisms of Extreme Precipitation Events over Central Europe (STAMMEX)”. German Research Foundation (DFG) (PN 50160119) (principal investigator)
  • 2002-2012 – “Large Scale Climate Changes and their Environmental Relevance”. Funded by North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Science (key project participant)
  • 2007-2010 – “Mechanisms and predictability of long-term variability of extreme precipitation over Europe from observations and models”. Excellence grant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (MK-345.2007.5) (principal investigator)

Invited speaker

  • 2016 – Invited speaker at the CLIVAR Open Scinece Conference, Quingdao, China
  • 2015 – Keynote speaker at International Conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change”, session “Understanding the Earth’s changing water cycle”, Paris, France
  • 2015 – Invited lecture at the CNRS-METEO-FRANCE Symposium “Ateliers de Modelisation de l’Atmosphere” (AMA 2015), Toulouse, France.
  • 2014 – Invited speaker at the International Conference “Science of the Future”, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2014 – Invited speaker and session chair at the Session “Precipitation: observations, modeling, forecasting” at the EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.
  • 2013 – Invited representative of the WCRP GEWEX Project at the CLiC Workshop “WCRP Cryosphere in a Changing Climate”, Tromso, Norway
  • 2013 – Rapporteur at the Workshop “Developing a Water Strategy for the World Climate Research Programme”, Ft. Collins, CO, USA
  • 2011 – Solicited presentation at European Union of Geophysics Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria
  • 2011 – Representative of WCRP/GEWEX for GWSP (Global Water System Project) Scientific Steering Committee, Bonn, Germany
  • 2008 – 2011 – Key-note speaker and rapporteur at the GEWEX Scientific Steering Group meetings in Buenos-Aires (Argentina), Irvin (CA, USA), New Delhi (India), Seattle (WA, USA)
  • 2010 – Invited speaker and organizer of WCRP-UNESCO Workshop on metrics and methodologies of estimation of extreme climate events, Paris, France
  • 2010 – Invited lecture at 7th Annaberger Klimatagen, Annaberg, Germany
  • 2009 Key-note speaker at the Annual Meeting of European Alliance of Global Change Committees, Bonn/Koenigswinter, Germany
  • 2009 – Solicited presentation at the 9th EMS Annual Meeting and 9th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology, Toulouse, France
  • 2008 – Invited speaker, ESF Science Policy Conference on “Global challenges and the need for cooperation”, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2004 – Invited lecture, 25th meeting of Joint Scientific Committee, WCRP, Moscow, Russia

Research cruises and field activity

  • 2005 – chief meteorologist, research cruise on RV “Academician Sergey Vavilov”, South Atlantic
  • 2001 – meteorologist, research cruise on RV “Academician Ioffe”, Drake Passage and Weddell Sea
  • 2001 – chief meteorologist, field expedition, Antarctic peninsula
  • 2001 – meteorologist, research cruise on RV “Aquanavt”, Black Sea

Professional societies

  • from 1999 European Geophysical Society (European Geosciences Union from 2004)
  • from 2003 German Meteorological Society
  • from 2012 American Geophysical Union



Journal of Climate, BAMS, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Monthly Weather Review, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research, International Journal of Climatology, Atmospheric Research, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Climatic Change, Global and Planetary Change, Advances in Water Resources, Journal of Hydrology, Hydrology and Earth System Science, Journal of Climate, Erdkunde and many others.

Foundations and Agencies:

  • Natural Environment Research Council (United Kingdom)
  • IPCC Special report on climate extremes